Terms of Reference

Project Aim

To assist the integration of downhole power & communication architectures, subsea control systems and topsides by providing recommended specifications (and standards where appropriate) for power & communication architectures, and associated hardware requirements. Such integrated systems should allow the operator to implement more downhole ‘smart’ equipment in a timely and cost-effective manner. Improving compatibility should also eventually benefit reliability, and transparency (for diagnostics) when tackled as an industry group.

Setup of the Industry Panel

The Industry Panel consisted of a group of Operator and Service Sector Companies. The Panel would meet on a quarterly basis (or as required) to steer project initiatives and share best practices that benefit the industry as a whole. The following details defined the workscope over the period of one year (from December 2003) after which the continuation of the forum was reviewed. OTM Networks provides Project Management Services.

Current Workscope

Work is currently progressing within seven Working Group areas:

  • Marketing and promotions
  • System issues
  • Implementation JIP
  • Control of DCV
  • Hydraulics
  • Feedthroughs and penetrations
  • EMC

The activities from one of these working groups – Implementation JIP – is in the process of spawning a new Joint Industry Project which will demonstrate IWIS standardisation.

Implementation JIP

The JIP will intensify publicity and marketing activity in the coming year. Activities will focus on supporting the promotion of IWIS Standardisation within member organisation and to the Oil & Gas community at large. To aid the communication from the Panel this website has also just undergone an enhancement.